June/Juli 2018
Work Sites
Western Europe
Contact Information
Karl-W. Geitz
Schafhofstr. 9
35285 Gemünden (Wohra)
Tel +49 177 219 4647

Position and Technology Focus

Developer, Technical Lead, Architect, Coach.

Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Development Ecosystem, Standard Web Technology.

Product and Tool Development, Reengeneering, User Experience, Accessibility.

Development of efficient, mobile, distributed, effective and intuitive applications.

Programming Languages

C# since 2003 Very high level of proficiency.
JavaScript since 2009 With jQuery, fabric and other libraries.
SQL since 1989 Microsoft, Oracle, Informix, ...
C++ since 1989 Formerly very good knowledge, somewhat rusty.
VB.NET since 1997 Also VBA and other BASIC dialects.

Main Technologies

Visual Studio 1997 Currently 2013, watching '2014.
Microsoft.NET 2003 Libraries, ASP.NET, MVC, Tasks, Generics,…
Microsoft TFS 1989 Formerly also SourceSafe, ClearCase, et. al.
SQL Databases 1989 Data modeling and application programming.
HTML 1989 Used for web sites, in-house and mobile apps.
CSS 2003 Extensive use in current projects.
Distribution, Remoting, Generics, Generators, Parallelity, Versioning. Templating, Rapid Prototyping, Decoupling, Peer Review, Automation..

Human Languages

German Mother tongue. Very good, written and spoken.
English Very good, written and spoken.
Spanish Good, written and spoken.


2012-Jan to ongoing Developer, Architect
Image Management Web-Portal
The software is for management and presentation of very large bitmap-images. (GB - TB). The client is developed exclusively with Web technologies (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS). It contains very flexible navigation, presentation and modification of images and documents. It is comfortable with Windows, OS-X, iOS (iPad, iPhone) WindowsPhone & Surface as well as Android. On all these system, interactive drawing, including freehand, is possible. Even on small screen formats (smart phone, iPhone) the complete functionality is available. The server is realized with ASP.NET, MVC-Razor, C# and T-SQL. It implements Web pages and Web APIs for image and document management. The system contains extensive security features (Users, Groups, Rights, Features), a very flexible data management (configurable document properties and input forms, configurable drill down on all document data and configurable tables and other presentations. Besides the huge images, all other kinds of files are also supported (PDF, Excel, et al). The software can be installed and run easily on Microsoft Azure, so quick and globally distributed deployments are possible. In support of the main system, an upload utility (for very large files) and an installer (for the server application) were developed. All done by myself, including architecture, database structure, software design, graphic design, development and parts of the documentation. Realized in close cooperation with the product management.
* Microsoft Visual Studio 2010-2013, ASP.NET, MVC 4, Razor.
* jQuery, jQuery.Mobile, DataTable, OpenSeaDragon, Fabric.js, et. al.
* Microsoft SQL Server 2008-2014, Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS)
* DHTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, inkl. single-page technology, WebAPI, Web Sockets.
* Reflector, Fiddler, Cobasoft Generator. * Internation client support.

2015-Mar to ongoing Web-application for Customer Service
Machine Construction Company, Cologne Area
Specification, architecture and development of a web application for Customer Service.
The new system is a replacement for an existing fat-client office application from a third party. All data from the third party application was migrated to the new system, including documents. The new system provides a completed working environment based on Web technology: rich-text editor with text templates, text snippets, variables. It is integrated with the existing production management system and the customer and contact database (CRM). Besides, an Exchange integration was added, including email, tasks and appointments.
Technology: ASP.NET, Web API, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, C#, SPA (single page application), IIS, SQL Server, Firebird, TreeSoft Office, IE, Chrome, FireFox.

2015-Apr to ongoing Web-application for Travel Management
Bank, Cologne
Specification, architecture and development of a Web application for travel management. Used by management and employees for publishing quick and easy the work location for every day in the week, like a calendar. Very interactive and fast, modern, touch enables user interface.
Technology: ASP.NET, Web API, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, C#, SPA (single page application), IIS, SQL Server, IE, Chrome, FireFox.

2015-Apr to ongoing Web-application for Business Process Change Management
Bank, Cologne
Specification, architecture and development of a web application for Business Process Change Management, including a small document management.
Very interactive and fast. Modern, touch-enabled user interface.
Technology: ASP.NET, Web API, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, C#, SPA (single page application), IIS, SQL Server, IE, Chrome, FireFox.

2015-Oct to 2016-Oct Web-application for Stock Management
Chip Production Company, Aargau, CH
Specification, architecture and development of a web application for Stock Management.
The new system is a replacement for two existing Excel/VBA-based applications. It provides a friendly user interface for managing stock. It is used by engineers and operators to put new products (chips and chip assemblies) into stock and used by stock personal for delivery of these products. The system creates protocols for every production and every delivery. The protocols are based on data from backend web services and templates with Excel formulas. The system compiles Excel formulas into C# code and executes the result to produce the protocols.
Technology: ASP.NET, WebAPI, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, C#, SPA, WCF, IIS, SQL Server, OpenOffice-XML, Excel, VBA.

2015-Mar to 2015-Apr Analysis of a Web-application, performance and structure
Bank, Cologne
Analysis of an existing web application on 3 levels: Web-front-end, C# backend and database.
Substantial performance improvements.
Coaching and advising the team.
Technology: ASP.NET, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, C#, IIS, SQL Server, IE, Chrome, FireFox.

2015-Jan to 2015-Feb Various Web Sites
Company Office, Munich, Tenerife
Development of various websites; cross-site integration (mashup), company website. Technology: ASP.NET , HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, C#, MVC, IIS.

2014-Oct to 2014-Dec Configuration Editor, SQLite, C#, WindowsForms
ABB Turgi, Baden, CH
Requirements Specification, User Interface Design, Software Development.
For configuration of a process control computer, a database editor was required. In coordination with the product manager, the software architect and others, the requirements specification and user-interaction were developed (wireframes). Simultaneously a prototype with substantial functionality was developed.
Technology: Visual Studio, Windows Forms, SQL, Wireframes, C#, Web API, ASP.NET

2010-Nov to 2011-Dec Lead Developer
Web Portal,, Medical Technology, Wuerzburg
Creating functional specifications (FS). Communication with product management. Maintaining specifications and UML diagrams with Enterprise Architect. Creating UI wireframes and prototypes with Microsoft SketchFlow (WPF). Using TFS to manage the project. Build, RTM, Branch, Merge, Version. Involvement in User Interface and Feature Design. Troubleshooting and Debugging, Performance Analysis.
* Sparx Enterprise Architect 8.
* Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Pro and 2010 Premium with TFS 2010.
* Microsoft Expression 4 Ultimate, Blend 4 with SketchFlow.
* Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008. TFS 2010.
* Oracle 11g Client and SQL Developer and Quest TOAD.
* ASP.NET 3.5 and 4.0 with AJAX and DevExpress tools.
* JavaScript, jQuery, Internet Explorer, Firefox. LLBLGEN.
* Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 and 4.0..

2010-May to 2010-Oct Troubleshooting and Development
Bosch Security System, Industry, Munich
Troubleshooting and Debugging, Performance Analysis, WCF REST Web Services. Coaching, Analysis of User Authentication and Security. COM and RCW Debugging. Setting up Symbol Server with PowerScript and PowerShell. C#, C++, C++/CLI, Visual Studio 2010, 2008, 2005, Active Directory. TFS, Cruise Control, Wiki, Spring, log4net. Agile Development, SCRUM, UML. Video Management, GUI, Networking, Database, Graphics.

2010-Apr to 2010-Apr Coaching and Troubleshooting
ASP.NET and SQL Application, AZ-Software, Munich
Coaching related to data access, ASP.NET GUI, development and architecture. Troubleshooting database problems with SQL Server 2008.

2010-Apr to 2010-Apr Trainer
3-day WPF course, HILF GmbH, Munich
Accessibility, Animations, Annotations, Architecture, Data binding, Deployment, Documents, Effects, Expression Design, Imaging, Internet Explorer, Interoperability, Layout, Media Services, Templates, Text, Tools, XAML.

2010-Jan to 2010-Apr Developer, Web Security
Shared Web Hosting, 1&1 Internet AG, Karlsruhe
Evaluation of security and performance aspects of IIS 7.5 features, esp. Feature Delegation. Internet Information Server configuration, IIS extensibility. Development of test procedures and specifications. Evaluation of LINQ options. Plain, expression trees, Linq2SQL, deferred execution. LINQ-to-SQL security settings, tests, documentation. Modification of web server security options. Planning, implementation, management of IIS options, esp. Security-related options. Wiki Documentation. Subversion (SVN), Tortoise.
* Microsoft IIS 7.5 (Internet Information Server)
* Programming and testing Authentication and Authorization.
* Creating web-sites, application-pools, applications.
* Configuring various options and working directly with configuration files.
* Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2.
* Hyper-V and VM administration.
* Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Database setup, performance tests, access with LINQ-to-SQL.
* Visual Studio 2008, C#, ASP.NET 3.5, ADO.NET, LINQ, LINQ-to-SQL.
* Development of tests. Code-Access-Security, ACL Security, ICACLS.
* PowerShell, IIS AdminPak, ASP, HTML, CSS, XPATH.
* Development of IIS administration and setup scripts.
* Programming Active-Directory.
* Development of XML-manipulating scripts..

2008-Dec to 2009-May Consultant
Software Development Process Improvement, AIS GmbH, Dresden
Debugging, troubleshooting, analysis of access violations, heap corruption and memory overwrites, multithreading related synchronization and access problems. Performance analysis and optimization on production virtual-machine systems (vmware). Evaluation in the context of C++ and C# of tools for process improvement, coding styles, tools for source code formatting, static analysis and documentation. Presentation and coaching regarding software development process improvement.
CDB, WinDbg, Fiddler, WireShark, Network Monitor. ETW – Event Tracing For Windows. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 performance analysis tools. Intel vTune 3.2 Microsoft Windows Performance Tools (WPT, XPERF, LOGMAN) Microsoft KERNRATE Microsoft Visual 2008, C++, C# 3.0, JScript, C++/CLI. Microsoft Office 2007: PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook. Doxygen, Doc-O-Matic, PolyStyle, StyleManager, Sandcastle, Robodoc, Doc-To-Help. Gimpel PC-lint, GrammaTech CodeSonar, Coverity Integrity. Klocwork Insight, Mathworks Polypace. Microsoft PREfast, FxCop, StyleCop..

2006-Jul to 2006-Nov Consultant
2007-Dec to 2008-Dec Consultant
Premier Support, Distributed Services, Microsoft GTSC EMEA DSW
Communication with customers throughout Europe. Cooperation with some of the best people in the field. Working for banks, insurance companies and software producers. Using latest technologies to solve customer problems. Getting deeply involved in to the Web Services infrastructure. Reading and interpreting standard documents, like W3.ORG & OASIS. Answering strategic questions. Giving design and architectural advice. Solving performance problems. Troubleshooting on a low level. Analyzing dumps and network monitor traces. Stating questions to the product department and cooperating with them. Using advanced debugging tools. Code review and performance analysis.
* Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).
* Microsoft.NET Web Services, WebService interoperability.
* XML, XSD, WSDL, DISCO, Certificates, Kerberos.
* SAML, WS-Security, WS-Secure-Conversation, WS-Trust.
* Service-Oriented Architecture, SOA.
* Visual 2005 & 2008, C# 2.0 & 3.0,, TeamSystem.
* DCOM, COM, Enterprise Services. WSE Version 2.0 and 3.0.
* Advanced Debugging Utilities: CDB, WinDbg, Fiddler, WireShark, Network Monitor.
* Support utilities and information databases.
* ASP.NET 1.1 & 2.0, .NET Framework, Remoting, IIS, ISA Server.
* Interoperability: VB6, COM, DCOM, DLLs, PInvoke.

This list contains only the recent and relevant projects.
A complete list can be provided on request..


2007-Sep CSCW: Computer Supported Cooperative Work
University Course Certificate, Prof. Haake, University Hagen

2007-Sep CSCL: Computer Supported Cooperative Learning
University Course Certificate, Prof. Haake, University Hagen

2006-Apr Microsoft MCSD Title

2006-Apr Microsoft MCP Certification
Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft® SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition

2006-Feb Microsoft MCAD Title

2006-Feb Microsoft MCP Certification
Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework

2005-Dec Microsoft MCP Certification
Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

2005-Feb Microsoft MCP Certification
Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures

2003-Nov Microsoft MCP Certification
Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

1988-Aug Study of "Computer Science and Economics", Karlsruhe
"Wirtschaftsinformatik" with a title of "Dipl.-Inf. (FH)."

1982-Jun Professional education as IHK-certified bank clerk.


2011-Dec From Senior Product Manager, eResearchTechnology GmbH
The consultant worked closely with program management and stakeholders. He developed user interface sketches, prototypes and played an important part in the development of the new site user qualification process. One of his mayor tasks was the creation and maintainment of the functional specification with Sparx Enterprise Architect. He worked very precisely and brought new ideas to the process. We are very satisfied with his work and enjoyed working with him. We would gladly work with him again..

2007-Nov From Projektleiter, MTU Aero Engines GmbH
Den Berater Herrn Karl-W. Geitz hatten wir 2007 in der Entwicklung und Programmierung verschiedener Softwareprojekte eingesetzt, die in C# implementiert wurden. Es handelte sich sowohl um Server-Komponenten als auch um graphische Benutzeroberflächen von Clients. Herrn Geitz können wir jederzeit weiter empfehlen, er hat stets sehr schnell und effektiv gearbeitet, die Entwicklungswerkzeuge sehr gut beherrscht und auf Grund seiner Erfahrung und seines Überblicks für alle aufgetretenen Probleme in kurzer Zeit erfolgreich und eigenständig eine Lösung gefunden. Hervor zu heben sind seine .Net- und SQL-Detailkenntnisse.

2003-Jan From Team Leader Databases, Siemens AG, Medical Solutions
The consultant developed the architecture and detailed specification of a generic test framework. This allows the configuration of tests from software building blocks and their distributed on multiple processes, threads and host computers. The test workflow is being controlled by a configurable XML script. The architecture encourages the segmentation of tests into building blocks and their reuse. The consultant independently developed concepts for tracing, logging and exception handling as well as a generical interface for the creation and integration of the software building blocks. The result of his activities is a complete and integrated product with which we are extraordinarily content. The Consultant integrated himself quickly into the team. The planning of his work packages was very reliable and at any time extremely transparent..

2001-Feb Projektleiter eines Münchner Bankkonzerns
Der Consultant hat mit besonderem persönlichen Einsatz das elektronische Dokumentenverwaltungssystem entworfen, entwickelt und in die Produktion eingeführt. Sehr zufrieden sind wir mit der selbstständig und im Team erbrachten Leistung bezüglich IT-Know-How. Der Consultant hat Schulungen für interne Mitarbeiter durchgeführt, die anschließend die Wartung und Produktionssicherung eigenständig durchführen konnten..

This list contains only the recent and relevant references.
A complete list can be provided on request..