Cobasoft Clock Order Form

Electronic Distribution
The Cobasoft Clock is distributed in electronic form. This is the best way to buy software. It saves the environment. There is no packaging to throw away and no CDs to clutter your computer room. It saves you money. You don't pay delivery charges. It's convenient. Your software arrives in minutes, not days. You download the latest version from any of the download forums, including our own web-site.
The downloaded version is like shareware, you can give it to friends or colleagues as long as you do not give your RegCodes away.
Evaluation Copy
The downloaded version is an evaluation copy. It can be used for 30 days with few restrictions, all features can be used and tested.
Online Stores
You can turn the Clock into a licensed version anytime by ordering a digital license from DIGIBUY or RegNow. The RegCodes of the license will be sent to you immediately via e-mail or FAX.
Direct Order
You can also order directly from us. Fill out this form and fax it to us.
FAX 01805-006534-1028

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The FAX number is very important! Your registration code (serial number + key) is faxed to you!
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single user $ 9.95
5 users $ 34.83 ($6,97)
20 users $ 99.50 ($4,98)
50 users $ 199.00 ($3,98)
200 users $ 398.00 ($1,99)
1000 u. $ 995.00 ($1,00)
10000 u. $ 4975.00 ($0,50)
The price in braces is per user.

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(Please print this form and sign it manually before faxing it to us.)