Extended Skill Matrix

Skill Since Description
C# 2003 Very high level of proficiency. Experienced in performance and memory optimizations, object-oriented design, low-level and dumb-debugging, PSSCOR, CDB, SOS, WinDBG. I'm writing advanced applications with multithreading, messages, events, high-performance, large data sets and hardware interaction Certified
HTML, CSS, JavaScript 1996 Interactive, user-friendly, fast, graphic, intelligent websites. I am creating web components with latest, standard technology.
Canvas, SVG, JS Graphics Libraries 2012 I am using these for highly interactive graphics, geographical maps, statistics.
WebAPI, WebSockets, REST 2012 Base of my current web application developments. Did not use gRPC, yet, but am highly interested. I'm VERY experienced in all kinds of distributed systems, micro services and interprocess communication, can create and read network traces, like with WireShark.
ASP.NET, WebForms, Telerik, DevExpress 2005 I've been using these in many projects and for many years, including various control libraries. I'm VERY experienced in refactoring legacy ASP.NET applications! In a current project we step-by-step replace old pages with modern technology, improving structure, stability and performance. Certified.
SQL, ORM, DBMS, RDBMS 1989 Microsoft, Oracle, Informix, SQLite, Firebird, ….
I started my development career in a database development company (ADImens, Karlsruhe). I've used various databases and their toolsets and wrote PL/SQL stored procedures. I've created an ORM.
T-SQL, Microsoft SQL Server 1997 These are part of my daily work. I'm writing stored procedure and doing performance optimizations, tables and index design, backups and installations. Certified
ClickHouse column-oriented DBMS 2022 ClickHouse is an open-source column-oriented DBMS for online analytical processing. I'm using this for high-performance database tasks.
Microsoft.NET, .NET core, .NET 5.0 2003 These are basis of my daily work. I  am very experienced and did all kinds of optimizations, consulting, troubleshooting, debugging with this system. Certified
I used Entity Framework, LINQ in various projects.
WinForms, WPF, XAML 2003 I'm an WindowsForms expert, drawing from extensive WinAPI, Win32, GDI knowledge. I gave courses in WPF, but then switched to web technology.
Microsoft DevOps, CI/CD, TFS, Git, GitLab 1989 Also GitHub, Tortoise, SourceSafe, ClearCase, … Using Source Control Systems has been part of my daily work for many years. As Team Lead, I have been responsible for versioning and reviews. I'm currently administrator of two DevOps instances.
MVC, Razor, Razor Pages, Blazor 2012 Blazor since 2020. With Blazor, I implemented interactive, graphical web controls.
OOP, DDD, Patterns, SOLID, UML, DFD 1987 First contact in 1987 with SmallTalk. Using it in C++ since 1989. Fluent and advanced knowledge. Many times, I coached or trained others on how to use these. Diploma thesis with and about Tom DeMarco method. Experience with UML drawing and DFD. Fan of data-driven design, data-flow analysis. I am an experienced requirements analyst.
MVC, MVVM, MVP, … Patterns 2007 Besides using these patterns regularly, I've even been studying them in university courses: "CSCW: Computer Supported Cooperative Work", "CSCL: Computer Supported Cooperative Learning", Prof. Haake, University Hagen
UX, UI, graphics design, image processing 1984 Since forever, I'm creating user-interface designs. I'm no bad graphics designer, usually drawing and designing all of the application graphics. I'm experienced in image handling and processing.
TDD, Unit Testing, GUI Testing 1997 I've been using various means of testing and unit testing throughout my career. I wrote a distributed testing framework with C++ for Siemens Medical SynGo.
Visual Studio 1997 Always using latest version.
WCF, SOAP, WSDL, XSD, XML WebServices, Remoting 2006 While working for Microsoft Distributed Services, I was responsible for these technologies. Certified
C/C++ 1989 Formerly very good knowledge. I  developed sophisticated applications with these languages. Often I also was responsible for troubleshooting and debugging.
ERP, CRM 2015 With colleagues, I'm working on a company-specific ERP/CRM system. The system covers typing office and product calculation ( bill-of-material, assemblies, calculation ) with a very interactive, modern webpages as capable as MS-Word or like a hierarchic Excel. EVV
Email, Exchange, Outlook 1989 Based on MS-Exchange, Outlook and internet-technologies, I developed and introduced sophisticated applications.
They included response monitoring, automatic CRM protocols, scanning, OCR and automatic classification.
Windows, Win32 API, Admin, Linux, Unix, DOS 1984 I have been using DOS and Windows since the beginnings. So I've accumulated lots of API and administrative knowledge. I used to do advanced Windows API programming with C and C++, using MFC and other frameworks. You might have a look at my Projects page for some examples. I have deep knowledge of Windows Security ( CACL, ActiveDirectory (AD), Authorization, Authentication, Cerberos, …).
VB.NET 1997 Also VBA and other BASIC dialects. I  used these languages in many projects and for scripting.
Speech Input 2005 Voice input with various technologies, especially Nuance Dragon® Naturally Speaking. Dictation functions in MS Word and other applications, Accessibility, program control, Programming by and with voice input, Configuration of vocabulary, text modules and macro programming. More about this source text Source text required for additional translation information Send feedback Side panels
Various 1984 Speech Input, Generics, Generators, Parallelism, Porting, OCR, Rapid Prototyping, Decoupling, Reengineering, Microsoft Office, Hardware-Control (IVR, balances, burettes), …
Study 1988 Wirtschaftsinformatik at Fachhochschule Karlsruhe (Informatik, Mathematik und Betriebswirtschaft) Title: Diplom-Informatiker (Dipl.Inform. FH).
Bank 1982 IHK-certified bank clerk: Kreissparkasse Frankenberg.
For HypoVereinsbank (and others) I analyzed business requirements in close collaboration with the business departments and developed applications, like POET-EA.
German Native Very good, written and spoken.
English Fluent I am fluent (C2) regarding technical topics and computer science. I've been working with clients worldwide, writing specifications and documentation, giving presentations and coaching.
Spanish Good I am fluent in day-to-day interactions, but grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation still need some work.