Projekte und Screenshots

Hier präsentieren wir einige unserer Produkte und Entwicklungen.

Web-Controls with SVG and Blazor, Medical Software

Histogram & Slider

EVV; CRM & ERP Web App; Machinenbau

Product Calculation screenshot

Interaktiven Händlerkarte, Finanzdienstleister

Interaktive Händlerkarte

ZEN browser

ZEN browser Overview ZEN browser Viewer ZEN browser Menu

Premier Support, Distributed Services, Microsoft GTSC EMEA DSW


Engine Trend Monitoring, MTU Aero Engines GmbH, München

Engine Trend Monitoring


Predictive Dialer Server for ProCenter

Dialer Diagram Dialer Manager Dialer CDG Script Dialer Service Controller

Code- and Schema Generator for .NET

Code and Schema Generator

This generator was developed across multiple projects. It is used to generate databases, database schemes, database tables as well as XSD files, corresponding typed datasets and source code to access the database or dataset.


CRM Sales Support System

This application is used by a wholesale company to manage sales activities. It consists of a CRM core, with customer information, visit reports and a very detailed reclamation management.
The project started with reverse engineering of its predecessor, an application written in-house. The database layout and the application procedures were largely undocumented and had to be reconstructed from the existing Microsoft Access tables and source code.
Its implementation involved the following tasks:

VIS-Search image

Initial search page

VIS-Customer image

Customer page

VIS-Reclamation image

Reclamation page, showing a choice selector.

VIS-Reclamation-2 image

Reclamation page, showing a date selector.


GTE, XML based generic test environment, Siemens Med, Erlangen

5.05.2003 until 31.10.2003.

I was given the task to design and implement a demanding generic test environment for the internal product regression testing.
After the initial analysis and review phase, we decided to base this tool on XML and DTD. The complete configuration and workflow description was contained within these XML files. The following picture shows one example of such a file.

GTE; Generic Test Environment screenshot

CRM System for insurance company, Call-Center, Munich

29.07.2002 until 31.3.2003.

International Internet Sales Software, Siemens AG I&S ITS, Munich.

15.04.2002 until 20.06.2002.

CONCERT-NT - Urban Traffic Control, Siemens AG - I&S ITS, Munich.

April 2000 until April 2002
Traffic control screenshot

Cobasoft Clock

1999 through 2002
Cobasoft Clock

POET-EA - Electronic Document Management, HypoVereinsbank AG, Munich.

April 1997 until March 2000

This image shows a tree view of all accounts of a single customer. Under each account it shows the documents, grouped by document categories. Below the tree is a window with overview information for the selected object. On the right hand side, the details of the selected object are shown; for example a scanned image.


This image shows the scanning application. It was optimized for easy and efficient usage and allowed direct control of a variety of connected professional image scanners.


SHRE - Syntax Highlighting Rich text Editor, Josef Keller Verlag, Starnberg


KDBL -- ActiveX Database Login Control, Josef Keller Verlag, Starnberg


3DE - Graphical Configuration Tool, INTRA-SYS GmbH, Hannover

1996 until 1997
poet1 3de logic 3de font

IW3 - CGI Web-Host Connection, INTRA-SYS GmbH, Hannover

1995 until 1996

Picasso, VB Application Generator, INTRA-SYS GmbH, Hannover

1995 until 1996

PrimaVista - Presentation Software, Bicom GmbH, Hannover

1993 until 1995

WDPA - Image measuring and DOS control, AICON GmbH, Braunschweig

1994 until 1995

PrintForm - Print Formatting, Cobasoft GmbH, Braunschweig

in 1994

VPC33 - Viskosimetrie-PC, Schott Geräte GmbH, Hofheim

1992 until 1993
VPC33   VPC33

WindowsTools - Versions 1.0 and 2.0, Gedys GmbH, Braunschweig

1989, 1990, 1992.

Porting of SAP Terminal from OS/2 to Windows, SAP, Walldorf

1991 until 1992

Hypercard Clone - Port from OS/2, Format AG, Cologne


Import and export filters for StarWriter; Start Division; Lüneburg and Dürscheid


Registration As Freelancer, KWG Software, Dürscheid


PROMOD System Development, GEI AG, Aachen

17.07.1988 until 31.01.1989

IPDMS - Integrated Patient Data Management System, ADImens GmbH, Karlsruhe

September 1986 until June 1988