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LOG Viewer

Viewer and filter for large text files, especially the Cobasoft LOG file format. Download: logvw.zip

LogVw requires .NET Framework Runtime 6.0.5. The related downloads should be available at:
https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet/6.0 .
We recommend downloading ".NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.5".

LogVw -- View and filter large text files.

Usage: logvw [options] filename: open that file.
or: logvw -h: show this help text.
or: logvw -l: open the latest (newest) log file.
or: logvw -j wildcard: join matching files into one LOG.

-d: show reader timing information.
-s n: replace all tabs with N spaces (0 < n < 32).
-w n: wrap lines after N chars (8 < n < 32767).
-c codepage: use codepage.
-i: turn off ignore-case
-u: turn-on automatic update
-f regex: set filter regex
-t regex: set task regex
-x regex: set eXclusion regex
-g regex: set highliGht regex

Regular expressions can be used for searching and filtering.
Searching is started by pressing S and entering a regex.
Then pressing A or D moves to the next or previous match.
The match line is shown in a light blue color.

Filtering is based on three regex: Filter, Task and Exclude.
Only lines matching Filter OR Task, but NOT Exclude are shown.
The Task regex is always automatically surrounded by spaces.

Keyboard Commands:
-- Filters
F      Filter regex.
T      Task regex.
X      eXclusion regex.
E      Expand: Clear F,X,T filters.
H      Highlight regex.
I      Ignore case, for all regex.
-- Load and Refresh
L      Load text file again and refresh screen.
R      Refresh screen.
U      Update mode; reload changes, 5 sec.
O      Open another LOG file.
-- Searching
A      bAckwards search again.
S      Search regex.
D      forwarD search again.
Z		forware search again and center.
-- Others
C      Copy to clipboard.
G      Go to line number or percentage.
J      Get statistics from filtered input.
,      Open shell in new window (cmd.exe).
?      Show this help text.
Esc    Quit LogVw.

Navigation Keys [normal / with CTRL / with SHIFT ]:
Left    1 column / half width / quarter width
Right   1 column / half width / quarter width
Up      1 row / half page / quarter page
Down    1 row / half page / quarter page
PgUp    1 page / 10 pages
PgDn    1 page / 10 pages
Home    top / first column
End     end / max column

In all prompts, the features of DOSKEY are available.
Run 'doskey /?' to get a summary or go to

We recommend using the the legacy console or to
activate QuickEdit and disable 'Enable Ctrl key shortcuts'.

Download from: https://cobasoft.net/en/utils.htm
Author: Cobasoft GmbH, Karl-W. Geitz, © since 2017.

Screen Ruler

Simple screen ruler. Shows size and position.

Download: ruler.exe