As an innovative and independent consulting enterprise we are offering you high-quality support in different areas:

Technological Consulting, Architecture

Our firm has comprehensive experience in the area of professional software-development. We provide this experience to realize your goals. We develop evaluations, requirements, tender documents, system specification, feasibility studies and architecture.

Analysis, Modeling and Design

We are using modern and approved technologies to create a sound basement for the development. Our toolbox contains UML, patterns and object-oriented technologies as well as structured and dataflow-oriented methods, wireframes, mockups, rapid prototyping, UX- analysis and design.

Development: Web, Cloud, Desktop

We develop high-performance, user-friendly solutions according to your requirements and specifications. We use generic tools and methods to improve the efficiency and stability: Generators, dynamic compilation and generics. We have extensive experience in the area of standard product development, especially for international markets.

HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript

Our development is based, whenever possible, on standard technology. Our websites do run on all current browsers, including mobile devices. They are ambitious, interactive, dynamic and graphical, build for for notable clients in the scientific/technical/financial areas. We value and engineer security, stability, usability and performance.

C#, ASP.NET, Microsoft.NET

We are specializing in Microsoft® .NET™ technologies, especially Visual C#®, ASP.NET, MVC, SQL Server, XML, C++/CLI, ADO.NET and VB.NET.

Troubleshooting, Debugging, Performance, Reviews

We support you in analyzing and solving crashes, exceptions and performance problems in C#, C++, VB und WCF. We can do professional dump analysis.

Outsourcing, Offshore

Our company has a subsidiary on the Canary Islands. This allows us to provide services like translation, graphics design, Web design, software development, testing and support in various languages and with advantageous conditions. There are excellent air connections to the European mainland and the United Kingdom.

Windows Azure

We are longtime and able users of the Microsoft Azure Cloud environment. Our software is running on Azure virtual machines and virtual websites. We value the advantages of Azure: Global availability, rapid provisioning, flexible capacity, load balancing and pay-as-you-go.

SQL-Server, Databases

We are long-time users of Microsoft SQL Server and have used Oracle, Informix and MS-Access databases as well. We developed an own rapid prototyping and ORM system to bring flexibility, stability and speed into the development of SQL databases.

Coaching and Workshops

As a result of our longtime experience we are able to find clear concepts and path breaking methods of resolution, which in practice provide stability, save costs and lead to sure results.